Hello! I'm not sure how a girl from the prairie ended up with such a passion for design, but it has happened that way. I feel privileged for the opportunities I have had to broaden my horizons and develop my design skills. But I am also grateful to have returned to the prairies that have my heart, and still be able to apply those skills in a way that is unique to me. 

Here is recap of my design career: 

I graduated from Montana State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a degree in Graphic Design. During my time as a student I was hired as a intern and then continued as a employee at a small ad Agency in Billings, MT, called Gibson Advertising

After graduation, I moved on to a company in Bozeman, MT called Earthtalk Studios. I spent my time there doing mostly web site design. While I am not a web programmer, I was able to learn how to design within the constraints of various programming languages. 

Once my husband graduated from college, I followed him to Utah where I gained employment at Stampin' Up!, a rubber stamp and scrapbooking company. I was fortunate to start during a time of amazing growth and opportunity. While I started at the ground level doing everything from ads to magazine layouts, within a year I was given a promotion and the opportunity to design their first in-house catalog, cover to cover. The catalog was a 256-page effort that gave me experience in product marketing, photo direction, page layout, and printing. 

Over time, as Stampin' Up! grew into other markets and the number of publications increased, I grew into a management position and eventually into an Art Director position. At the peak of my 10-year career I managed a team of 18 people and was responsible for all of the photography, web site design, and publication design. I also helped design room displays that showcased our products. 

A new direction:

While neither my husband or I were unhappy with our jobs or life situation, a third baby and a sequence of opened opportunities led us to make a huge life change and move back to our home state of Montana. We took a huge leap of faith and joined the force with my father on our 5,000 acre dryland wheat farm on the plains of Montana. Both us still have a bit of the city life in our blood but are nevertheless immensely enjoying our rural environment as a place to raise our family. You can follow our adventures on our blog.

Now, after taking a break to get settled into our new lifestyle and raise our new baby, I am excited and ready to be doing design work again. This time, however, I am going to follow my long time passion for interior design along with my more developed skills in graphics and photography. Thanks for coming along for the ride!